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    Prodigy Makes use of The Borg In A New Approach

    Star Trek: Prodigy is doing what many decades-old franchises are proper now. That’s, re-introducing their core ideas by means of a brand new story for brand new audiences. Just like how Andor is among the most accessible Star Wars proper now, Prodigy does the identical for Star Trek. The present was initially marketed as being ‘for youths’. However with the latest premiere of the second a part of its first season, they’re proving that they aren’t only for youngsters. The newest episode really sees Star Trek: Prodigy reintroduce The Borg for a model new era. And it’s simply as scary as after we initially noticed the conquering villains.

    Please observe: the next comprises spoilers for the primary eleven episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy, in addition to the latest one titled Let Sleeping Borgs Lie.

    How Star Trek: Prodigy Makes The Franchise Accessible To New Audiences

    FeaturedPicture by way of: Nickelodeon Animation

    Initially, Star Trek: Prodigy is all about a wholly new set of characters, not established within the Star Trek universe. They’re not even a Starfleet crew, really. The story sees a bunch of enslaved characters come across an experimental Starfleet ship and use it to flee their circumstances. On the ship, the Protostar, they discover an tutorial hologram of the famed Starfleet captain, Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

    Initially posing as Starfleet recruits, the crew finally reveal themselves. Realizing that the Protostar has a novel warp drive that will get them throughout nice distances a lot quicker than the standard warp, the crew decides to take it again to Starfleet. The present spends its first 10 episodes reintroducing key ideas of Star Trek, like what’s the Federation, to its new characters. And thru them, to new audiences who’ve by no means seen Star Trek. It’s a cool concept and a good way to herald a brand new fanbase to the franchise.

    The Lethal Re Introduction Of The Borg

    Star Trek: Prodigy The Borg JanewayPicture by way of: Nickelodeon Animation

    The primary a part of season 1 was centered on the villain The Diviner, a person who got here from the longer term to stop his world from destruction after first contact with the Federation. We be taught that the Protostar itself is a weapon, that after scanned by Starfleet, will destroy them from the within. When the crew by accident comes throughout considered one of Star Trek’s most harmful villains, the Borg, all hell breaks free. Whereas hologram Janeway needs to get the hell out of there, for good motive, the brand new Captain, Dal (Brett Grey), has different concepts.

    Seeing how the brand new crew has had no expertise with The Borg, they don’t understand how harmful they’re. So that they need to take this opportunity to make use of Borg information to rid the Protostar of the newly found weapon on board. When Zero (Angus Imrie), the Medusan decides to hook up with the Borg hive thoughts, that’s when this new sequence reveals audiences how scary the Borg actually are.

    Star Trek: Prodigy Makes use of The Borg In A Very Cool New Approach

    Star Trek: Prodigy The Borg ZeroPicture by way of: Nickelodeon Animation

    One of the best factor about how Star Trek: Prodigy makes use of The Borg is an strategy that gives hope and optimism. As a substitute of the frantic worry that we often affiliate with their look. Lately, when Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard introduced again the Borg as an enormous plot gadget, hearts fluttered. Being again in a Borg dice was scary, nerve-wracking and ominous for followers who knew precisely what the Borg risk meant.  However this time round, Star Trek: Prodigy reveals The Borg as not only a bodily risk, however an ideological one. When Zero interfaces with the collective, they initially overpower Zero, dropping themselves within the course of. Nonetheless, it’s solely with the assistance of their crew, and a reminder of the opposite collective they’re part of does Zero return and save their mates.

    New Household For A New Technology

    Star Trek: Prodigy The Borg DalPicture by way of: Nickelodeon Animation

    It’s the identical ‘discovered household’ idea that many tales have, however used on this cool revolutionary method within the context of The Borg, that makes it actually stand out right here. The Prodigy writers’ room are capable of give a brand new perspective and strategy to an present concept that thus far has been very doom and gloom. And positive, the idea of overpowering the Borg with the blissful emotions of household could not appear sensible or scientific in a Star Trek present. But it surely’s positively consistent with the themes of how a way of id and individuality is bigger than a senseless collective, that’s we’ve already seen in Star Trek. Particularly by means of the character of Seven Of 9 (Jeri Ryan) in Star Trek: Voyager. Coincidentally, the present that featured Janeway herself.

    The remainder of season 1 of Star Trek: Prodigy is now airing each week.

    What did you consider how Star Trek: Prodigy used The Borg of their newest episode? Let me know within the feedback under.

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