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    The Kashmir Recordsdata (2022): A Fictional Story Primarily based On The Actual-Life Exodus Of Kashmiri Hindus

    Kashmir is a disputed state in India. Somewhat greater than half of the state lies in India whereas the remaining portion has been forcefully occupied by Pakistan and is presently termed as “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)”. Until 1990, Kashmir was house to the Kashmiri Hindu Pandits. In the course of the early 1990, the Kashmiri Hindu Pandits have been pressured to vacate their properties and go away Kashmir by the Muslims of the area. The Muslim-majority inhabitants killed a number of Kashmiri Pandits and their households together with creating mass havoc and destruction of their properties. This led to a mass genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits. This early 1990 exodus of the Kashmiri Hindus led to the rise of violence because of Muslim insurgency within the disputed area of Kashmir which nonetheless persists.

    The Kashmir Recordsdata (2022) Official Trailer:


    Kashmiri PanditsDarshan Kumar as Krishna Pandit in The Kashmir Recordsdata

    Author and director Vivek Agnihotri brings a heart-wrenching story of the ache, struggling, wrestle and trauma confronted by the Kashmiri Hindus through the exodus within the type of a historic drama titled “The Kashmir Recordsdata”. The Kashmir Recordsdata is predicated on a fictional storyline and delivers the narrative of the exodus from the eyes of a Hindu faculty pupil named Krishna Pandit. Krishna, because the story portrays, was displaced through the exodus when he was a baby after his household was killed by Muslim militants. He was introduced up by his paternal grandfather who was a schoolteacher and had witnessed the deaths. His grandfather shielded him from acquiring information about their circumstances. After his grandfather handed away, Krishna proceeds to uncover the darkish reality behind his household’s demise.

    The Kashmir Recordsdata (2022): The Story

    The Rebellion: Interval “1989-1990”

    The scene opens exhibiting Kashmiri Muslim militants storming within the Hindu-occupied areas with slogans, “Convert to Islam, or die!” and “Kasmiri Pandits, vacate the valley!” They rampaged on Hindu properties, burnt them down and killed Hindu households together with youngsters, thus making a mass genocide. The Kashmiri Hindus have been pressured to flee and vacate the area. A schoolteacher named Pushkar Nath Pandit (Anupam Kher) was conscious of the rebellion of Muslim militants and feared for his son Karan’s (Amaan Iqbal) security. Karan, who was there in Kashmir at the moment, was accused by the militants for being an Indian spy.

    Kashmiri PanditsAnupam Kher as Pushkar Nath Pandit in The Kashmir Recordsdata. On this image Pushkar Nath Pandit is in make-up to appear like the Hindu God “Lord Shiva”. This picture of Pushkar has been created to implement Hinduism within the film

    To be able to shield Karan from the militant insurgents, Pushkar took the assistance of his pal Brahma Dutt (Mithun Chakraborty) who was an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer. Pushkar and Brahma traveled to Kashmir to search out Karan when the violence in opposition to Kashmiri Hindus by the militants was at its peak. When Brahma took Karan’s situation to the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, he merely suspended Brahma with out providing them any assist.

    With nobody prepared to assist Karan, he hid inside a rice container at his father’s home. The commander of the militants, Farooq Malik Bitta (Chinmay Mandelkar), who occurred to be a former pupil of Pushkar, barged into Pushkar’s home and located Karan hiding. Upon discovering Karan, he shot him. The injured Karan lay on the ground whereas Pushkar and his daughter-in-law Sharda (Bhasha Sumbli) pleaded earlier than Farooq to spare them. Farooq provided to take action if Sharda would eat some rice which was soaked in her husband’s blood. Farooq compelled Sharda to eat Karan’s blood-soaked rice and she or he needed to eat it.

    Kashmiri PanditsMithun Chakraborty as Brahma Dutt in The Kashmir Recordsdata

    Farooq and his militant group left Pushkar’s home and Pushkar instantly took assist of his physician pal Mahesh Kumar (Prakash Belawadi) to convey an ambulance in order that Karan might be transported to the closest hospital. Nevertheless, after they reached the hospital, they discovered it to have been taken over by the Muslim militants who warned the hospital workers to not deal with non-Muslims. Upon receiving no remedy on the hospital, Karan succumbed to his accidents.

    For his or her security, Pushkar’s journalist pal Vishnu Ram (Atul Srivastava) got here to his and his household’s aide. Vishnu took him and his household to a Hindu poet named Kaul who was recognized for sustaining a cordial relationship with the Muslims. Kaul was providing shelter to a number of Kashmiri Pandits at his house at the moment.

    Nevertheless, after they reached Kaul’s house, they discovered some males had come to choose up Kaul and his son to supply them safety. After selecting them up, they left the place with a number of different Pandits following them.  When the group of Pandits traveled as much as a long way, they have been shocked to search out the corpses of Kaul and his son hanging from the tress. These males who had come to escort Kaul and his son have been the truth is Muslim militants in disguise! As Kaul was providing safety to the Pandits, they murdered him and his son in broad daylight.

    Kashmiri PanditsBhasha Sumbli as Sharda Pandit in The Kashmir Recordsdata

    Now the refugee Pandits from the Kashmir valley had no place to go! Their circumstances turned pathetic and so they needed to settle within the Jammu area and reside on meager ration and poor circumstances. In the meantime, the Chief Minister’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir ended and the Governor took over the state. The brand new Governor of Jammu and Kashmir appointed the suspended Brahma as his advisor. Upon regaining his powers, Brahma requested the Residence Minister to go to the camps in Kashmir the place Pushkar demanded the minister to take away “Article 370” from the Indian Structure which in flip would enable the resettlement of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir. Within the meantime, Brahma managed to get Sharda a authorities job in Nadimarg, Kashmir. Pushkar alongside together with his daughter-in regulation relocated to Nadimarg.

    Issues have been going nicely for Pushkar and his household until someday, a bunch of militants headed by Farooq disguised themselves as members of the Indian Military and arrived at Nadimarg. They began rounding up the Pandits in that area. They caught maintain of Sharda’s elder son Shiva (Prithviraj Sarnaik). Upon seeing this Sharda resisted again. This angered Farooq and he tortured her and stripped her bare in the midst of the streets. However that was not all! Following this, Farooq “the barbarian” dragged her to a sawmill and sawed her alive in half! This was in all probability the bloodiest, goriest and most annoying scene ever!

    Kashmiri PanditsChinmay Mandelkar because the lead villain Farooq Malik Bitta in The Kashmir Recordsdata. I’m addressing him as Farooq “The Barbarian” on account of his ruthless acts proven within the film

    After this, Farooq assembled Shiva and all of the Hindus in that space and murdered them by conducting a mass capturing. However the barbarian Farroq did have a little bit of humanity in him! As Pushkar was his ex-teacher, he spared the shocked and frightened Pushkar and requested him to unfold the information of his tyranny and barbarism so that individuals (Hindus) would concern him.

    Kashmiri Hindus“Take away Article 370” scene from The Kashmir Recordsdata

    The Current Situation: 12 months 2020

    The story strikes to the 12 months 2020 in Delhi the place Sharda’s youthful son Krishna (Darshan Kumar) is introduced up by Pushkar. Pushkar, being Krishna’s paternal grandfather, instructed him that his dad and mom Karan and Sharda had died in an accident. Krishna was extremely influenced by his college’s professor Radhika Menon (Pallavi Joshi) who supported the Kashmiri separatism. Radhika thought that the Indian authorities was accountable for the occasion, whereas genuinely it was not so.

    The scene proceeds and we see the chums of Pushkar; Brahma Dutt, Vishnu Ram, Dr. Mahesh Kumar, and police officer Hari Narain (Puneet Issar) who had served in Kashmir when Karan was killed, recalling the genocide occasions within the state.

    Kashmiri PanditsEssentially the most disturbing scene from The Kashmir Recordsdata the place Sharda was stripped and murdered by Farooq

    The story proceeds, and Krishna contests for the coed election which was being held at his college. As Krishna occurred to be the follower of his professor Radhika, upon her recommendation, he held the Indian authorities accountable for the Kashmir insurgency of 1990. When Pushkar got here to learn about this, he grew to become offended on Krishna as Krishna was exercising his personal judgments and was utterly unaware of the particular incidents.

    Pushkar requested Krishna that after his demise, he should journey to their ancestral house in Kashmir and scatter his ashes there. So after Pushkar’s demise, Krishna was all set to journey to his ancestral house in Kashmir to scatter the ashes as per his grandfather’s final want. As Krishna was going to Kashmir, Radhika requested him to file some footage within the state with a view to expose the supposed atrocities of the Indian authorities.

    Radhika put her contacts to work and with the assistance of certainly one of her contacts, Krishna met Farooq “the barbarian” who had ruthlessly murdered hundreds of Hindus together with his dad and mom. However Farooq “the barbarian” was an previous man now! All his barbarism and vigor had vanished and he was main a non-violent democratic motion within the state. What a tremendous change of character!

    Kashmiri HindusPallavi Joshi as Radhika Menon in The Kashmir Recordsdata

    Krishna knew that Farooq was behind the genocide and publicly accused him of being accountable for the scenario of the Kashmiri Pandits. Farooq claimed that it was the Indian Military who killed Krishna’s mom and brother, whereas the reality was that he and his militant group have been disguised in Indian Military uniforms whereas committing the murders. Krishna questioned Brahma about Farooq’s declare that the Indian Military killed his household. Upon listening to this nonsense Brahma handed him some newspaper cuttings, which have been collected by Pushkar, which clearly said that Muslim militants disguised as Indian Military troopers have been accountable for the mass murders of the Kashmiri Pandits and in addition Krishna’s household.

    Krishna returned to Delhi and gave his scheduled speech for the college presidential elections to a roaring crowd on the college’s campus. In the course of the speech, he elaborated on issues he perceived from the journey, which included the historical past of Kashmir and the plight of his household and different Kashmiri Hindu victims. Professor Radhika in addition to the college college students have been shocked upon realizing the precise incidents which Krishna revealed throughout his speech. After finishing his speech, Krishna met resistance and mock from many college students who weren’t able to imagine him. However there have been additionally a couple of of them who embraced him and believed his story.


    Bollywood claims that the story of Pushkar Nath Pandit and his household is fictional. Nevertheless, majority of the Indian inhabitants are within the opinion that each one the incidents described above involving Pushkar Nath Pandit (actual title not disclosed) and his household truly occurred through the 1990 Kashmir insurgency.

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