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    “VIOLENT”: Unusual Disruption | The Film Weblog


    A younger Norwegian girl, and her final reminiscences of the 5 individuals who cherished her most, recalled whereas experiencing a catastrophic occasion.

    John Smistad’s Evaluation

    Was the start her finish?

    Was this ending her starting?

    Was the whole lot in between her life?

    Or the right here that flashes earlier than the hereafter?

    These mysteries and a myriad extra will devour you when embarking upon the eerie and ethereal epoch offered within the 2014 surrealistic Norwegian drama “Violent”.

    It is a complicated story. Equal half dream-like actuality. And real-life dreamscape.

    At…mos…pheric? Uff-dah, is it ever.

    Dagny (Dagny Backer Johnsen in a flip maybe finest described as mesmerizing) is a younger girl not in contrast to others her age. She is a loner. Her life lacks focus. She is headed no place specifically. And is in no hurry to get there.

    Dagny Backer Johnsen in a “chilling” scene from “Violent”

    Mom Nature looms all about Dagny. Mixing with the supernatural, she is ominous. Conspiring. Cryptic.

    What’s her finish recreation?

    There’s a scene mid-movie the place Dagny and her sister buddy, Astrid, shout from a mountaintop a barrage of nonsense insults and obscenities aimed on the individuals of Bergen beneath. It’s cute. And it’s pivotal. It’s Dagny exorcising pent-up inhibitions, letting her fairly blonde hair down and unleashing with unbridled glee spontaneously foolish admonishments like “FUCKING WASHING MACHINE!!” and “ASS PUBES IN THE FACE OF A GOBLIN!!”.

    Whenever you’ve possible by no means uttered a vile phrase in your life, one supposes these are the primary phrases that leap to thoughts when, in the end, you do.

    It’s a delicate, but, on it’s personal phrases, “violent” departure from relentless repression.

    “Violent”’s imaginative and prescient, as conceived by Director and co-writer Andrew Huculiak, serves up a sequence of photographs depicting our small joys. Easy pleasures. Day-to-day distractions. Trivial, largely.

    But, within the grand scheme of human existence, important.

    All the time.

    This story is, for essentially the most half, not very eventful. By intent. We witness moments in time. Of residing. Working. Carrying on. Being.


    Nonetheless, you get this lurking feeling that it’s all constructing to one thing. One thing larger. Towards a revelation grander than the largely mundane machinations the vast majority of us take with no consideration each single day.

    And we shouldn’t.

    Close to the top of “Violent”, late at evening, gazing up on the heavens, Dagny tells a younger man this:

    “Being alone is sort of okay.”

    A singular notion both you embrace. Otherwise you don’t.

    We watch right here as a parade of individuals come and go in the course of the movie. Like signposts alongside a seemingly meandering path. And every time Dagny leaves she bids every of them “Goodbye”.

    Till we meet as soon as extra.

    However, as with most with whom we have interaction on this earth, it’s far more liable to be not ever once more.

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    “VIOLENT”: Unusual Disruption

      Performing – 7.75/10 Cinematography/Visible Results – 6.75/10 Plot/Screenplay – 8/10 Setting/Theme – 8.75/10

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    “VIOLENT”: Unusual Disruption

    It is a complicated story. Equal half dream-like actuality. And real-life dreamscape.

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