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    This easy placing drill will cut back wrist movement and stabilize your stroke

    Two alignment rods will assist get your placing stroke on a sq. path.

    Kevin Sprecher

    Enhancing your placing is without doubt one of the quickest methods to scale back your rating. But most golfers don’t spend sufficient time engaged on it, or don’t know what to work on. Placing has many aspects: approach, green-reading, velocity and course management. In the case of velocity and course, how laborious you strike the ball impacts how a lot your putt will break, whereas your putter-face alignment controls course.

    This drill, which I discovered from placing whiz Dr. Craig Farnsworth, will assist you hold your stroke on path and putter face sq. at affect. Right here’s do it.

    Advantages of this drill

    Provides you the feeling of being extra “related” within the stroke and reduces extreme wrist movement.Will get your arms aligned appropriately and units your wrist angle.Stabilizes the trail of the stroke.

    What you’ll want

    The drill

    Put an alignment rod underneath every of your arms like this:

    Then maintain the putter so the shaft rests on the rods and your fingers are underneath the rods. Additionally, cross the lead arm rod over the path arm rod.

    Subsequent, take your setup and make certain the rods are touching each forearms. It doesn’t matter the place, however they need to contact in related places on every arm.

    Now that you’re arrange appropriately, make a number of observe strokes and concentrate on what feels totally different. It’s best to really feel you’re utilizing your physique extra and fingers much less – i.e., a extra related really feel. After a number of strokes, the trail of the putter head must also really feel extra secure and work on a slight arc.

    Lastly, hit a number of putts with the rods in place. Take note of the sensation the rods create within the stroke. After 15-20 putts, take away the rods, hit 10-15 putts, then use the rods once more.

    Do that cycle three to 4 instances throughout your observe periods and also you’ll rapidly develop a extra secure and dependable stroke.

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