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    Madison Bumgarner’s ejection throughout a routine verify was completely surreal [VIDEO]

    Feelings spilled over Wednesday afternoon after what started as a routine verify for overseas substances changed into one thing way more weird. The consequence was Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner being tossed from the sport, and questions lingering on what really occurred.

    Right here’s what we all know: Bumgarner was summoned for a overseas substance verify on the backside of the primary inning in opposition to the Marlins. First base umpire Dan Bellino examined Bumgarner’s pitching hand, however took exceedingly lengthy to finish the verify. Throughout this time he awkwardly stared on the pitcher, in a surreal scene.

    Then, because the verify was accomplished, Bumgarner made an unknown remark to the umpire, resulting in him being tossed and blowing up on the best way out, yelling “f*** you!” and needing to be restrained by the dugout to cease him escalating the scenario. Regardless of the incident now being over, there are a number of questions remaining.

    No. 1: Why did Bellino simply stare at Bumgarner, as a substitute of inspecting his arms?

    No. 2: Is there justification for Bumgarner’s verify to be so completely different from opposing pitcher Elieser Hernández?

    No. 3: What did Bumgarner say that the umpire felt an ejection was required?

    Right now we don’t have the solutions. Following the sport there’ll undoubtably be extra phrases and maybe some additional rationalization that can clarify what precisely occurred.

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