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    This minor league announcer turned Stephen Strasburg’s rehab begin into his private Tremendous Bowl

    The lifetime of a minor league announcer is usually thankless, with out a lot alternative to be observed. Solely probably the most hardcore of followers go to the hassle of tuning in to listen to a MiLB sport — besides in the case of Joey Zanaboni.

    Zanaboni has turn into the a viral sensation for his calls that transcend cliche and right into a realm of superb insanity. This was on full show as Stephen Strasburg made a rehab begin for Single-A Fredericksburg over the weekend.

    Now, since we have now this superb assortment of calls — let’s rank them.

    No. 1: “Sneak a reside cat by means of a TSA precheck, boy ….. HISSSSS”

    No. 2: “Freezin ‘em like pay raises at a poorly run cryogenics laboratory”

    No. 3: “Ghosted him like an O.Okay. Cupid Halloween celebration”

    No. 4: “Stephen Strasburg, ask for his bank card data in a spam electronic mail message … let’s go phishing”

    No. 5: “John Stamos, Full Home get him out of there child!”

    We’d like Joey Zanaboni on each name as a result of the person is an utter delight.

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