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    Is Redemption On The Horizon?

    Star Wars followers love a great redemption story. Hell, the unique trilogy was all concerning the redemption of Darth Vader. After which we spent one other trilogy going backward to seek out out simply how good he initially was, thereby including extra weight to his sacrifice, resulting in his eventual redemption. So with two seasons into The Dangerous Batch, I’m questioning if we’re headed down the identical path with a former member of the Batch, Crosshair. With season 2 beginning sturdy, creator Dave Filoni seems to be planting seeds that trace at that. Nevertheless it’s nonetheless too early to inform the place we’re going with Crosshair’s storyline. With The Dangerous Batch’s Crosshair now formally the odd one out, will he ever discover his method again to his brothers? I believe so. Learn on to learn the way I believe Crosshair might discover redemption. 

    Spoiler Warning: The next will comprise spoilers for The Dangerous Batch season 2 episode 3 titled ‘The Solitary Clone’.

    The Dangerous Batch’s Crosshair Has Achieved Horrible Issues

    The Bad Batch Walk. Picture by way of Disney+.

    Earlier than discussing if Crosshair’s redemption is forthcoming, we should always in all probability have a look at what he’s completed to this point. In season 1 of The Dangerous Batch, Crosshair orders the execution of a camp filled with harmless civilians whereas on the lookout for Noticed Gerrara. All through the remainder of the season, he equally kills, hurts and hunts others, together with his personal brothers, The Dangerous Batch themselves. Initially, we, in addition to the Batch, suppose Crosshair’s actions are as a result of inhibitor chip that prompted all Clone Troopers to betray the Jedi in Order 66.

    Nevertheless, we quickly discover out that Crosshair eliminated his chip early on. So his blind loyalty to the Empire isn’t a results of senseless programming by means of know-how. However moderately a alternative Crosshair made. That is what made Crosshair such a great antagonist. The misdirection of the chip being considered the reason for his actions, just for the reveal to indicate that he’s accountable for them, was heartbreaking. However The Dangerous Batch and Crosshair’s dynamic will get even worse with the revelation within the third episode of season two.

    The Solitary Clone Chooses His Personal Actions

    The Bad Batch Holo. Picture by way of Disney+.

    Episode 3 of season 3 sees Crosshair group up with one other widespread Clone Trooper from The Clone Wars animated collection, Commander Cody. Cody was one other pleasant clone who labored with all of the Jedi for years earlier than Order 66 made him flip in opposition to them. He returns on this episode, serving the brand new Empire, and finishing up missions for them. Similar to Crosshair.

    Nevertheless, when confronted with a less-than-black-and-white choice, Cody takes pause. When the consultant of a planet is refusing to hitch the Empire, as a result of they need peace, Cody guarantees to listen to her out, and even take her request to his superiors. Nevertheless, earlier than he can comply with by means of, Crosshair shoots and kills her on the command of an Imperial Officer. With out hesitation, as a result of, as Cody says earlier— ‘good troopers comply with orders’.

    What Dangerous Batch’s Crosshair’s Actions Imply For Clones All over the place

    The Bad Batch Crosshair. Picture by way of Disney+.

    By the top of this episode, we see Cody wrestle with Crosshair’s motion, leaving him disillusioned together with his service within the Empire. We then hear about how Cody is now AWOL, that means he abandoned his put up, as a result of this questioning of the Empire’s motives and actions. What this reveals us, is how the Clones aren’t evil, and that the chip didn’t make them evil, however that they know proper from mistaken. And when confronted with the Empire’s evil methods, many Clones abandoned their posts.

    However much more essential, what this implies for The Dangerous Batch’s Crosshair. Understanding now that regardless of the chip, Clone Troopers can suppose for themselves and select to depart the Empire’s service, it reveals Crosshair in a distinct gentle. It proves, one and for all, that every little thing Crosshair has completed up till now, has been his alternative. Not the chip. Not the brainwashing. However Crosshair alone. Which makes it a lot more durable for any potential redemption arc. If Crosshair selected to do all of the horrible issues he did, regardless of having an alternate however fairly actually selecting the Empire over his brothers, redemption’s going to be laborious to come back.

    And whereas the present undoubtedly seems like they might be establishing for that. It’s going to be laborious to cheer for that eventual redemption arc, realizing that Crosshair can’t justify his personal actions in addition to a ‘following orders’ rationale.

    Episode 3 of The Dangerous Batch season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

    What do you concentrate on The Dangerous Batch’s Crosshair and his actions? Do you suppose he can ever return to his household? Or is he too far gone? Let me know within the feedback under.

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