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    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 – Agni Pariksha (2022): The Trial By Fireplace

    Khuda Haafiz 2That includes Motion Hero Vidyut Jammwal as Sameer Chaudhary in Khuda Haafiz 2

    Accidents are revenged, however crimes are avenged! When the legislation and order fails to deliver justice to the frequent man, it’s as much as him then to avenge the crimes dedicated upon him and his members of the family. Author and director, Faruk Kabir brings a murderous sequel to the blockbuster action-thriller “Khuda Haafiz”. Titled “Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2: Agni Parkisha”, this murderous crime-thriller options Bollywood’s fierce motion hero, ace martial artist {and professional} stuntman, Vidyut Jammwal within the lead position.


    In case you had gone by way of my narration of “Khuda Haafiz Chapter 1”, you’ll find it to be a rescue-based action-thriller the place Vidyut Jammwal as Sameer Chaudhary invades the Center East to save lots of his spouse Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi) from flesh merchants. Nonetheless, the story of Khuda Haafiz- Chapter 2 is totally different. This can be a murderous story of vengeance which entails hooliganism, kidnappings, violent sexual assault, gang wars, mass assault, random slaughters, and immense destruction to public property.

    That is no fairytale. If you’re not open to simply accept violent crime-related tales, I’d advise you to cease studying. This violent crime story is for the strong-hearted solely.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 – Agni Pariksha (2022) Official Trailer:

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 – Agni Pariksha (2022): The Story

    Half 1: Nandini

    The story opens exhibiting Nargis in a morose frame of mind. She had been by way of quite a bit! It’s been fairly a while now that her husband had rescued her from the flesh merchants of the Center East, and introduced her again to India. However the scars she obtained from the repeated brutal sexual assault by the hands of the flesh merchants had left her fully damaged.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2Sameer comes throughout Nandini at his pal Rohit’s home

    Nargis was affected by post-traumatic stress dysfunction due to her previous sufferings. So, Sameer took her to the physician. She informed the physician that she is afraid to step out of her home because the society now seems down upon her as a rape sufferer. The physician suggested her to neglect every little thing and begin a brand new life along with her husband.

    The subsequent scene reveals Sameer visiting his pal Rohit’s home whose brother-in-law and sister-in-law had handed away all of the sudden in an accident. Whereas providing his condolences, Sameer got here throughout a five-year-old lady baby named Nandini (Riddhi Sharma) on the venue. Nandini was actually, the daughter of Rohit’s late brother-in-law. She had been orphaned because of her guardian’s sudden demise. Rohit informed his drawback to Sameer that it’s tough for him to care for his late brother’s daughter as he was but to settle in life. He was unable to care for the lady, and had deliberate handy her over to some orphanage.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2A contented household

    Sameer desired for a kid however because of the psychological breakdown Nargis was struggling, she was not able to conceive. So, he requested Rohit if he might take Nandi to his house for per week. Sameer appreciated the lady baby very a lot. He had plans to develop a bonding between Nandini and his spouse Nargis in order that he might undertake her as his daughter.

    When Sameer introduced Nandi to his house, Nargis didn’t like her. She gave Nandini a distinct room to remain. Nandini was petrified of Nargis’ morose habits. It was then the physician suggested Nargis that Nandini was additionally a trauma affected person similar to her, and he or she ought to change her perspective in direction of her by treating her lovingly.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2Sameer and Nargis legally undertake Nandini

    From then onwards, Nargis and Nandi began growing an emotional bond. When a stray canine occurred to assault and maul Nandini whereas she was taking part in, Nargis risked her personal life to save lots of her and obtained bitten on her leg by the canine. She instantly took Nandini to the hospital to supply her first help. As the times handed, the bond between her and Nandini improved. Someday, when Sameer got here house, he discovered Nargis feeding Nandini along with her personal fingers.

    Now per week had handed by, and Sameer informed his spouse that Nandini needed to be despatched again to Rohit as a household had agreed to undertake her. To this, Nargis requested him if they might undertake Nandini as a substitute. Sameer’s pleasure knew no bounds upon listening to this, and he fortunately agreed. So with Nandini’s consent, they pursued the required paperwork, and adopted her.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2Nandini goes along with her pal Seema for an ice cream

    The essence of pleasure retuned to Sameer’s household. Sameer had change into distant from Nargis because of her post-traumatic stress dysfunction however now, they began getting intimate extra typically.

    Half 2: Nandini’s Abduction

    Someday, whereas coming back from college, Nandini went to have ice cream along with her pal Seema (Anushka Marchande) to a close-by ice cream stall. It was then some underage boys in a blue van arrived and began forcing Seema to get into the van with intent to kidnap her. Nandi was reluctant to let go of her pal who was in misery, so the goon youngsters needed to take her too together with them. When the ice cream vendor tried to cease them, the gang chief Bachchu (Bodhisattva Sharma) pointed a gun at him threateningly.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2Bachchu arrives in a blue van to kidnap Seema

    Bachchu was the grandson of a robust landlady of that space, Sheela Thakur (Sheeba Chaddha). Utilizing his grandmother’s energy as an help, he was capable of pursue crimes overtly in that space. Sameer was knowledgeable by the varsity instructor about his daughter’s kidnapping. He instantly rushed to the varsity. The information of the kidnapping of the 2 college women unfold like wildfire, and the police and journalists arrived on the scene.

    However issues took a flip for the more serious. When Sameer requested the police inspector to conduct an investigation on the kidnapping of the 2 women, the inspector obtained offended and scolded Sameer for bothering him, and requested him to go away the venue.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2Bachchu and his gang take away Nandini too as she was making an attempt to save lots of Seema

    Then Sameer caught maintain of the ice cream vendor who had witnessed the kidnapping, and requested him if he knew the place the boys might have taken Nandini and her pal Seema. He took the ice cream vendor with him in his automotive, and got down to discover the kidnapped women.

    They reached a three-way intersection. Sameer stopped the automotive in the midst of the intersection. The ice cream vendor pointed on the third highway on the intersection which went inside a lonely lane. Sameer walked as much as the lane the place he got here throughout a store having a CCTV digital camera at its entrance. He requested the store proprietor to point out him the footage from that CCTV digital camera. Within the footage he noticed the blue van, during which Nandini and Seema have been kidnapped, passing that space. The path during which the van went was additionally seen within the CCTV footage. Sameer instantly diverted his automotive to that path the place the van had gone.

    Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2Sheeba Chaddha because the tyrant landlady Sheela Thakur in Khuda Haafiz 2

    Half 3: In Search Of Nandini

    Sheela Thakur’s proper hand, the butcher Rashid Qasai performed by Dibyendu Bhattacharya in Khuda Haafiz 2

    In the meantime, the police got here to know concerning the blue van during which the kidnapping had taken place. It belonged to Sheela Thakur. The police inspector went to Thakur and narrated your complete case to her. The inspector, as corrupt as he was, was actually an ally of Thakur. Upon listening to the case, Thakur referred to as the blue van’s driver Munna and requested him concerning the incident. Munna informed her that the 2 women (Nandini and Seema) have been brutally raped by the boys after being kidnapped. As poor Nandini was solely a five-year-old baby, a pathetic scene confirmed her plight through the rape the place she was bleeding profusely.

    Thakur ordered her goons to place an finish to the distress of the women by killing them. Upon listening to his grandmother’s orders, Bachchu took the 2 women to a close-by forest to homicide them. He brutally beat up the women and left them mendacity within the forest pondering that they’d die. Earlier than leaving, he burnt the blue van to erase all evidences.

    Sameer and the locals seek for Nandini and Seema

    As Sameer reached the spot, he discovered the blue van burning. He acknowledged the car and frantically tried to extinguish the fireplace. He and the locals began trying to find Nandini and Seema in that space. After trying to find a while, he got here throughout the battered Seema and miraculously, she was nonetheless alive! Nonetheless, Nandini’s situation was even worse. The 2 women have been rushed to the hospital.

    The scene strikes to the hospital the place we see Seema’s brother telling Sameer that he knew who did this. Saying this, he confirmed Sameer the photographs of Bachchu and his grandmother Sheela Thakur. He informed Sameer that Bachchu used to observe Seema wherever she went.

    Nargis leaves Sameer after Nandini’s demise asking him to hunt vengeance

    After a while, the unhappy information got here from the physician that they might not save Nandini, and he or she had succumbed to her accidents. Listening to this information, Nargis’ sorrow knew no bounds. Her adopted daughter had suffered the identical plight that she had some years again. Solely she couldn’t bear the ache of her struggling, and had left this world.

    The rape and homicide of Nandini was broadcast throughout tv channels which despised India as a rustic. They claimed {that a} nation the place such horrific crimes in opposition to ladies happen; needs to be despised. The police and politicians in India are simply mere witnesses to the crimes dedicated by highly effective gangsters and criminals.

    Sameer meets Ansari and different prisoners in jail

    Following this incident, Nargis left Sameer as she was unable to stick with him any longer along with her trauma and grief. Earlier than leaving, she requested him to avenge the demise of Nandini, and informed him that the one punishment Bachchu and his goons deserved was “Dying”. She informed him that she would come again to him as soon as she will get to listen to that he has killed these criminals.

    Half 4: Sameer On The Prowl

    Sameer will get to know from the police that the blue van was stolen from Sheela Thakur ten days earlier than the horrendous crime had taken place. In reality, the police have been mendacity as they have been supporters of Thakur as she held political energy in that space. Thakur had additionally erased all eyewitnesses to that crime by murdering them.

    The combat endures in jail

    One night, when the police inspector was having fun with along with his mistress at her house, Sameer barged into the residence and chokehold the inspector from behind. It was then the inspector acquired a horrendous beating from the livid Sameer. In the meantime, the inspector’s mistress had already referred to as the police, and so they got here and arrested Sameer for laying fingers on a police officer. Sameer was sentenced to a couple months in jail.

    In the meantime, Thakur had secretly hidden her prison grandson Bachchu and his pals someplace out from hazard. Sameer had befriended a prisoner named Ansari throughout his time in jail. Ansari got here to know from his sources that anyone had employed one other prisoner named Jaiswal to homicide Sameer in jail. He conveyed this information to Sameer and informed him that if he kills Jaiswal, he and his gang members will assist him avenge his daughter’s demise after he’s launched from jail.

    The combat continues between Ansari’s males and Jaiswal’s males

    The very subsequent day, Jaiswal and his gang of prisoners attacked Sameer within the jail yard. Jaiswal’s males pounced all at a time on him. A horrendous combat endured the place Sameer fought dozens of males at a time. He injured Jaiswal and his males and within the course of, suffered accidents himself.

    Jaiswal and his males lay on the bottom with Sameer growling at them. The boys obtained up once more to assault him for the second time. Instantly, Ansari and his gang arrived on the venue and a horrific gang conflict endured between Jaiswal and Ansari’s prisoner gangs. After a protracted combat between the 2 gangs, Jaiswal’s males have been killed by Ansari’s males and Jaiswal himself was killed by Sameer. Now, Sameer was declared the “Lion” among the many prisoners, and all of them began respecting him as their lord.

    Sameer kills Jaiswal through the combat

    After two months, Seema got here again to consciousness and revealed the names of Bachchu and his pals to the police. The information concerning the criminals unfold by way of tv channels and Sameer too noticed this information over tv in jail. He now knew who all to kill aside from Bachchu.

    In the meantime, Sheela Thakur arrived at Nargis’ residence and warned her to cease Sameer, else he would get killed by the hands of her goons. Nargis informed Thakur that she has no concept how harmful Sameer is. He had rescued her from the flesh merchants, and had fought and killed lots of of criminals within the Center East throughout his quest. Thakur and her petty goons have been like toothpicks in entrance of him.

    Sameer on the prowl together with Ansari’s males to hunt vengeance for the rape and homicide of Nandini

    Now Ansari’s secret informer introduced the information of Bachchu and his pals’ hideout. Bachchu and his pals have been hiding on the place of a neighborhood butcher named Rashid Qasai (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) who was Thakur’s proper hand. Ansari conveyed this to Sameer and the very subsequent day, it was time for his launch from jail. Ansari informed Sameer that his gang can be there to assist him take vengeance. Sameer walked out of jail. He together with Seema’s brother went to the place the place a complete lot of males from Ansari’s gang have been ready, and have been able to accompany him in his quest for vengeance.

    The “Junoon Hai” Observe in Khuda Haafiz 2

    Sameer’s gang faces Rashid Qasai and his gang, the place he kills Qasai

    Sameer and his males attacked Rashid Qasai’s hideout the place they killed a number of of Qasai’s males. On the finish, they discovered Rashid Qasai, and Sameer killed him with a single blow. Now Sameer and his males reached the place the place Bachchu and his prison pals have been hiding. However upon reaching there, they solely discovered two of boys Munna and Rohan, whereas Bachchu had escaped with the others.

    Sameer and his gang on the free

    Munna defined to Sameer how the rape and homicide of Nandini befell. Bachchu had used a cricket bat to beat up the women through the rape. Listening to this, Sameer misplaced management and pounced on Rohan. He brutally slaughtered Rohan in entrance of everybody watching. When Munna noticed Rohan’s brutal homicide proper in entrance of his eyes, he turned horrified and pleaded the ferocious Sameer to spare him. Munna provided to change into an eyewitness to the crime.

    Half 5: Sameer’s Vengeance

    Mafia chief Kamlesh in Egypt, who was defending his son Bachchu from Sameer

    The subsequent day, the police discovered the corpse of Rohan hanging from the bushes. Sameer handed Munna to the police. In the meantime, it’s proven that Sheela Thakur’s son, Kamlesh was a mafia chief in Egypt. Bachchu had taken the shelter of his father Kamlesh, and was hiding in Egypt. When Sameer obtained this information, he determined to go to Egypt to kill Bachchu. However earlier than going to Egypt, he situated the remaining boys from Bachchu’s gang who have been concerned within the crime, and killed all of them.

    Sameer and his gang invade Kamlesh’s hideout and begin their bloodbath

    Now, solely Bachchu was left. Sameer left for Egypt together with Seema’s brother and dozens of males looking for Bachchu. Sameer employed a neighborhood henchman named Michael there who knew about Kamesh’s hideout. Michael provided weapons to Sameer and his gang. Closely armed with dozens of males from Ansari’s gang, Sameer attacked Kamesh’s residence. He and his males killed a number of of Kamesh’s males after an immense gang conflict. Seeing the corpses of his males mendacity helter-skelter and Sameer charging like a wild rhino, Kamlesh obtained scared and fled from the scene alongside along with his son Bachchu in a automotive.

    Sameer pierces the throat of one of many boys of Bachchu’s gang

    Sameer adopted them and after a protracted automotive chase, was capable of seize them. He murdered Bachchu proper earlier than Kamlesh’s eyes. In the meantime, Kamlesh identified a gun aspiring to kill Sameer. However simply as he was about to drag the set off, Seema’s brother shot him lifeless.

    Listening to the information of her son and grandson’s demise, Sheela Thakur was broke. It was revealed that Thakur was a lesbian and had stored a mistress named Trishna with whom she happy her sexual wishes. She used to forcefully have intercourse with Trishna with out her consent, which was certainly torturous for her. This time too, upon listening to her son and her grandson’s homicide by Sameer, Thakur referred to as upon Trishna to calm herself down by having intercourse along with her. However Trishna already had it an excessive amount of. After years of dealing with molestation by the hands of Thakur, she might take it no extra! So, whereas Thakur was making out along with her, she took the chance and murdered her. That was the tip of Sheela Thakur!

    The automotive chase scene in Khuda Haafiz 2 following which Kamlesh and Bacchu’s automotive overturned, and Sameer captured them. Bacchu was killed by Sameer whereas Kamlesh was killed by Seema’s brother who accompanied him in his quest for vengeance

    Along with his vengeance full, Sameer returned to India. Nargis got here again to him with the excellent news that she is pregnant. Sameer’s pleasure knew no bounds. The ending scene reveals Sameer being declared the “Invincible Lion King” of his territory. Any further, whoever will commit any crime in that space; his destiny is not going to be determined by the police or legislation, however by Sameer and his gang of armed males.

    Keep tuned for my epic evaluation of this mass bloodbath crime-thriller, COMING SOON!


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