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    Ashton Kutcher gave his mom an endearing gift for Mother’s Day, a home renovation

    Even though Ashton Kutcher is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, you may not know that he came from humble beginnings. Ashton has made a name for himself throughout his career, but he hasn’t lost sight of the people who helped him get there—his family.

    So, when he was able to give back to one of the most important women in his life, the That ‘70s Show actor decided to go back to where he grew up to thank his mother for all she did for him. Ashton gave his mom the surprise of a lifetime, leaving her in tears.

    How exactly did he pull it off? Read on to find out.

    Humble Beginnings

    Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978 to Diane and Larry M. Kutcher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ashton’s parents separated and the future actor grew up living with his mom and his stepdad, Mark in Homestead, Iowa.

    Ashton may have come from humble beginning, growing up in the Midwest, but greater things were in store for him and he moved to L.A. to try his hand at acting.

    Even though Kutcher became famous for his roles in That ‘70s Show, Dude Where’s My Car, and The Butterfly Affect as well as his relationships with Demi Moore and his now wife Mila Kunis, he never forgot where he came from and his mom who supported him along the way.

    And the actor would go on to give his mom the surprise of a lifetime.

    Other Ventures

    While Ashton is best known for his roles on-screen, he’s ventured into all sorts of fields including restaurants, startups, and a human rights organization. But one field you may not have known Ashton dabbled into is building houses, which he did long before he became famous.

    When he was just 13 years old, Kutcher built his childhood home from the ground up with his stepdad, Mark.

    “We built it from scratch. There was just a giant piece of land and he just started pounding stakes in the ground,” Ashton described in My Houzz: Ashton Kutcher’s Surprise Renovation for His Mom video documenting the project.

    And 23 years later, Ashton would go on to give his mom the ultimate surprise. But what exactly did it all include?

    Childhood Home

    23 years after building the house, Ashton decided it was time to give the basement a much-needed renovation. And he decided to team up with Houzz, a home remodeling and design app, to transform the place he calls home, located in Homestead, Iowa.

    “I think everybody has a place in their life that they call home … and no matter where you go in the world or what you see or what you do, when you think of the word ‘home’ you’re drawn to a specific place in your mind,” Ashton said.

    And with this in mind, Ashton was ready to start the project. What was in store for the big transformation?