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    30 Vintage Photos That Would Never Happen Now

    We all like to see glimpses into forgotten periods of history, and to imagine for ourselves what it may have been like during certain golden eras of time. Thanks to the magic of photography, we still have images and snapshots of some of the most ionic moments of the past—and through history lessons and memories, there is always so much for us to learn.

    But once in a while you see a photo from the past that can truly shock and surprise you—as it just doesn’t make sense in today’s world. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing photos from the past that you would never see today.

    Billy Rose’s “Aquabelles”, 1939

    Theatrical showman Billy Rose was a famous staple of the New York entertainment scene for decades spanning across World War II and in 1939, he staged one of his most popular and famous shows of all, a fashion parade featuring his “Aquabelles”.

    Here we can see the Aquabelles showing off bathing suits from the past and present—as well as modeling styles they project for the future! Isn’t it crazy to see what they predicted the styles of today would look like—they weren’t far off, were they?

    Macy’s Day Parade, 1931

    The Macy’s Day Parade has become one of the best known and most loved traditions associated with Thanksgiving. Can you imagine the holiday without it?! But just look at this picture from all the way back in 1931, when the tradition had been running for less than 10 years.

    The pomp and ceremony seen in this photo is just amazing, and even though the Parade is still a feast for the eyes, nothing can quite capture the magic of these early days of the tradition.

    André Courrèges Fashion Models, 1965

    Here we have a selection of models showcasing some of the iconic fashions and styles from the chicest decade of all time, the swinging sixties.

    Fashion designer André Courrèges created these leather skirts, shaped like barrels and held up by bold suspenders. Coupled with another stylistic feature of the era, the cowl-necked blouse, these looks defined the revolutionary vibe of the decade and continue to influence fashion to this day.

    The bold lines and styles are so evocative of the sixties, it reminds us of the original meaning of chic.